Atlanta Community Symphony Orchestra

Andrzej Żabiński, Concertmaster

Andrzej Michael Żabiński is a remarkable violinist whose musical journey has  encompassed a plethora of performance and educational opportunities. Graduating from Vanderbilt University and the Cleveland Institute of Music where he studied with Cornelia Heard and David Updegraff, Żabiński’s commitment to music led him to become an adjunct professor of violin and music theory at Vanderbilt for 2 years. His passion for teaching continues through a thriving  private violin studio maintained since 2005.  He most recently has begun teaching with the Atlanta Music Project. 

With a career spanning over two decades, Żabiński’s artistry has resonated with various orchestras, including the Nashville Symphony, Atlanta Opera, and the Atlanta Symphony orchestras. In addition, he served as Assistant Concertmaster with the Savannah Philharmonic for nearly 10 years.   

Beyond his mastery of the violin, Żabiński’s creative spirit extends to composition  and conducting. A mentorship under the baton of Kenneth Kiesler for two  decades has deepened his understanding of musical expression. His musical  path has also led to collaborations with a diverse array of artists including Emanuel  Ax and Bernadette Peters. In addition, he toured with Jimmy  Page and Robert Plant.  

Andrzej Michael Żabiński’s journey in music is one that seamlessly weaves  education, performance, and collaboration. His commitment to excellence is not  only evident in his performances but also in his dedication to nurturing the musical talents of others.