Atlanta Community Symphony Orchestra

ACSO Art in Music

Atlanta Community Symphony Orchestra – Art in Music Contest

Want to introduce your students to the possibilities that music can spark imagination and creativity?

The ACSO is excited to present the “Art in Music” contest, free to students in grades 3-5. Students participating in the program have the chance to experience the melding of music and art. 

Through listening to music and using painting or drawing to express how it makes them feel, students will begin to understand and process their emotions in new and healthy ways and might learn a new appreciation for a whole new genre of music. 

This year’s contest features “Winter” from The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi.

After listening to an oral summary of the musical suite from their instructor, then hearing the provided audio of the music, the students will get to respond with their art.

Submissions of students’ artwork into the Art In Music competition will be collected and selected works of art will be honored during the December 1st concert of the Atlanta Community Symphony Orchestra. See the Contest Guide below for specific details including how to prepare and submit student entries.

View the finalists’ artwork from 2023-2024 in the online gallery below.