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The Atlanta Community Symphony Orchestra strives to enrich the community that it serves through music. We hope to foster the relationships of our community both in and around our music by presenting educational, interactive, and outreach opportunities. Activities such as chamber concerts in our “In Your Neighborhood” series, a young person’s instrument petting zoo, the Art in Music competition, and the annual Ruth Kern Young Artists Concerto Competition provide the community with ways to come together and grow musically.

Ruth Kern Young Artists Concerto Competition

– Ruth Kern was a music educator in the Atlanta Public School System for 32 years, Ruth touched the lives of hundreds of young people, many of whom became musicians themselves, performing with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Atlanta Community Orchestra.  She became a member of the Atlanta Music Club (AMC) and along with Ruth Dabney Allen and Senta Hutcheson, organized the Atlanta Community Orchestra, now the Atlanta Community Symphony Orchestra. Ruth Kern was one of the most dedicated musicians of Atlanta Community Symphony Orchestra, playing in the viola section well into her eighties, at which time she returned to her native Ohio.  She left us with an indelible impression of how things should be in a community orchestra and was adamant about performing free concerts for the public.  She was an exemplar of the love of music and how music can influence and shape youth in so many positive ways.  It is because of her professionalism, faithfulness, and devotion to Greater Atlanta, this community orchestra, and her love for young people, that this concert series was named in her honor. Every year, winners are given the opportunity to perform as solo artists with the Atlanta Community Symphony Orchestra.


Music is an art. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything..

– Art in music plays a crucial role in the education of young children, serving as a powerful medium through which they can develop essential skills and cultivate a deeper understanding of the world around them. By engaging in musical activities, children not only nurture their creativity but also sharpen their cognitive abilities, including critical thinking and problem-solving. Furthermore, music fosters emotional expression, allowing young individuals to explore and articulate their feelings, which is especially important during their formative years. Additionally, music education encourages collaboration and teamwork as children learn to play instruments or sing in groups, promoting social skills and a sense of unity. Overall, the presence of art in music within education not only enriches the lives of young learners but also contributes to their holistic growth and development.

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